Another world is not only possible,
she is on her way.
On a quiet day, if you listen carefully,
you can hear her breathing.

- Arundhati Roy -

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Wealthy and Wise America

I have a vision in which outdated beliefs, attitudes and old money paradigms have shifted into a new conscious prosperity. It is a world where wealth is used with wisdom for the good of each person, where individuals thrive. Money is simply a window into the soul -– a metaphor for how you are living your life –- with dignity and respect for your self, your money and for others. My vision is of unlimited thriving with money used for good, as the rudder that drives each American's vision ship.

I have a personal vision (one I have no idea of how to accomplish) of giving my book FREE to each and every person who wants to change their relationship to money to thrive with wealth and wisdom. They read it and are inspired to take action towards their prosperous future.

This is my work, my mission and vision that gets me up in the morning.

Marilyn August

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thriving Malls

Shopping malls are among America's most well-used public spaces, but do they really serve our needs? In the future I see them thriving by integrating more fully into our lives in two important ways. First, they will broaden their spectrums of activity by adding residential space above the shops. Second, they will join with the surrounding neighborhoods by adding transit centers and replacing swathes of parking lot with open green space. With these basic changes, and the new patterns that will inevitably emerge from them, our malls will truly become centers of community.

See also: The Future of Shopping Malls: An Image Essay at Worldchanging.

- Ian G, 37, Seattle